Bathroom remodeling

Today I want to talk about bathroom remodeling as I myself went through one very recently. What have I learned form it and what would I do differently? And what am I really happy about in the end?

With a little help from my friends?

First of all I need to stress how important it is to hire the right remodeling company. I started out alone, inspired by photos in Pinterest, thinking I myself could remodel my whole bathroom in babysteps. That was probably my worst idea ever. I let one friend help me take out the old tiles and another to try and install stuff, but halfway through the mess I threw in the towel. I am truly greatful for having such sweet, helpful friends, but my recommendation when you want to complete big renovations projects is to hire pros from start.

I was almost crying when I phoned up Kerkinni & Company in Minnesota. My bathroom was a complete mess and totally unusable. We arranged a metting the very next day and from the first moment I realised I should have gone about this project like this from the very start.

So worth it...

I showed them some of my pictures and they told me about some of their ideas to make my vision even better. It was amazing, as if they were reading my mind and then opening it even more. Real pros!

Now the bathroom is done and it is so pretty I can hardly believe it. Sure, it's more expensive to hire a remodeling firm, but it's totally worth it.

30 Oct 2017