Cool kitchen stuff

16 Dec 2019


Ok, so this post might feel a bit silly, but there are so many innovative products out there these days that although may seem silly are actually also really cool. I spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen as I love to both prepare and eat good food, and I find my time in the kitchen being so much more stimulation when I have all the right accessories at hand. I wouldn't mind owning some of these products...


Prepping for winter

24 Nov 2018

I like planning and being well prepared. My friends often tease me about it because they are always last minute and ALWAYS forgetting stuff. I don't. So now we have booked a nice winter holiday in the Alps for January and I am - of course - already making sure that my gear and wardrobe is up to date. I noticed that my ski boots are outdated and that I need new ones, and I also need new long johns, socks and ski glasses. So, since I have plenty of time, I can search around for the perfect ski boots and socks without stress.

Best place for answers

So, how to choose ski boots? It seems straightforward when you are not in the process of bying them, because then a whole lot of questions arise, like size, style, comfort level etc. Can I buy ski boots online or should I try some out at sports store? I found some really good aswers on my favourite ski site Freeride.

I will be going to my nearby mall to try out some ski boots now before Christmas and then make the buy during the sales between Christmas and New Years. Three days before our trip in January I will be packed and ready for our trip and my friends will just realize that they don't have everything they need - and they will panic. I will be laughing, as usual, because as the saying goes:

"He who laughs last laughs best.".

A piece of Sweden

22 Jun 2018

I like to visit other countries and even if Sweden is far away I would one day like to go there. For this reason I have been trying to find facts about Sweden. Most of the time I find bloggs and sites that tell us what swedes are like. They take baths in icy waters, they would never go abroad without carrying swedish coffee (pssst coffee don´t grow in Sweden) and all sort of funny facts that may or may not be relevant. I did however also stumle upon a site that offer swedish quality products when it comes to smokeless tobacco. There they sell chewing tobacco, or as it is called in japanese 噛みタバコ and is a form av snus that is as swedish as it gets. 

You can order from anywhere

The best thing about this site, that is called, is that it is available all over the world. You simply visit the site, look up what you want and order it. Then it is delivered within a few days. I know swedish people traveling love this site because it makes it simple to get hold of their favourite tobacco. But also other people around the globe has adopted this kind of non smoking tobacco. So, with a few clicks on your computer and after a few days of waiting, you can have a small piece of Sweden in your pocket, and under your lip. 

NASA technology

22 Nov 2017

The most extreme environment to place a human being in? Outer space, wheter in a space craft or on a different planet all together, I doubt that any environment here on earth would be as challenging for the human body than outer space. Perhaps very deep sea then. This has of course made NASA take the lead on tech development and so many of the things that we use in dailay life would probably not have existed, or been as good, if it wasn't for NASA technology.

Learn new things

31 Oct 2017

I have always been one of those people who ask too many questions, I am greedy for information and wouldn't mind spending my whole life in University. It's just too expensive. So I am thrilled to live in the intenret era where so much information is available for free online. I have decided that I will start trying to learn someting new every day until I feel that I have learnt it properly, and then move on to the next thing. Here seem to be some great ways:

Bathroom remodeling

30 Oct 2017

Today I want to talk about bathroom remodeling as I myself went through one very recently. What have I learned form it and what would I do differently? And what am I really happy about in the end?

With a little help from my friends?

First of all I need to stress how important it is to hire the right remodeling company. I started out alone, inspired by photos in Pinterest, thinking I myself could remodel my whole bathroom in babysteps. That was probably my worst idea ever. I let one friend help me take out the old tiles and another to try and install stuff, but halfway through the mess I threw in the towel. I am truly greatful for having such sweet, helpful friends, but my recommendation when you want to complete big renovations projects is to hire pros from start.

I was almost crying when I phoned up Kerkinni & Company in Minnesota. My bathroom was a complete mess and totally unusable. We arranged a metting the very next day and from the first moment I realised I should have gone about this project like this from the very start.

So worth it...

I showed them some of my pictures and they told me about some of their ideas to make my vision even better. It was amazing, as if they were reading my mind and then opening it even more. Real pros!

Now the bathroom is done and it is so pretty I can hardly believe it. Sure, it's more expensive to hire a remodeling firm, but it's totally worth it.

Importance of customer service

5 Oct 2017

In a time where more and more is entrusted to automatic systems, robots and people's own ability to sort things out online, we seem to be losing qualitative customer service. I have noticed it in many fields, from airlines to supermarkets to post service companies. They are focusing on pushing down the prices by letting staff go and putting information and FAQ:s available on websites, so that customers can find the information they need on their own. What some don't realise is that you canät exchange all customer service for easily accessible information online, because it's not everyone's preference to find information like that.


I order a fair deal of products online, because I find it to be very convenient. I have noticed a huge difference in the customer service of different carrier comapnies. Some are below criticism and others are really good. i have had the best experiences with DHL customer service and USPS customer service so far, so I suppose that's my recommendation of the day.

In shops

When shopping out in physical shops the customer service usually depend on the kind of person you meet behind the counter. Some shops demand their staff to be friendly and helpful and will let them go if they cannot live up to the demands. Other shop owners don't seem to care much about customer service at all. I will never buy anything, - no matter how much I want an item - the staff in the shop is not friendly and helpful. I believe it's the least we as customers could ask.