A piece of Sweden

I like to visit other countries and even if Sweden is far away I would one day like to go there. For this reason I have been trying to find facts about Sweden. Most of the time I find bloggs and sites that tell us what swedes are like. They take baths in icy waters, they would never go abroad without carrying swedish coffee (pssst coffee don´t grow in Sweden) and all sort of funny facts that may or may not be relevant. I did however also stumle upon a site that offer swedish quality products when it comes to smokeless tobacco. There they sell chewing tobacco, or as it is called in japanese 噛みタバコ and is a form av snus that is as swedish as it gets. 

You can order from anywhere

The best thing about this site, that is called northerner.com, is that it is available all over the world. You simply visit the site, look up what you want and order it. Then it is delivered within a few days. I know swedish people traveling love this site because it makes it simple to get hold of their favourite tobacco. But also other people around the globe has adopted this kind of non smoking tobacco. So, with a few clicks on your computer and after a few days of waiting, you can have a small piece of Sweden in your pocket, and under your lip. 

22 Jun 2018